Lollipop footballing talent

Nine-year old Lollipop member, Drew Field, attended an England Para Football Talent Day in June and was chosen to join their Talent Hub! Here he is at the West Riding Ground in Leeds… 

Drew at the Talent Day at the West Riding Ground in Leeds. 

As Drew’s mum, Ann-Marie, explained:

“The FA hold twelve of these Talent Days nationally from April to June each year. If successful for the England Para Football Pathway you either go to the Talent Hub or Regionals, hopefully progressing through each stage, ultimately to play football for the England Para Deaf Senior Team! Even if there isn’t the opportunity to play for the team it can also open up doors to work within a football environment.” 

Drew played in the West Riding Disability League last season and is massively excited to begin his Talent Hub training sessions at the Sunderland Foundation of Light this September. We wish him every success and can’t wait to hear how he’s getting on!

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