Lollipop is always happy to speak to companies who are interested in the work we do with children and young people who are deaf or have hearing loss. Our objectives are to increase the confidence and social skills of our members and inspire them to aim high and realise their potential, both on an interpersonal level and in the world of work. We will work in partnership with you to achieve your corporate giving objectives and we can help you to show your commitment to your local community, fulfil your corporate and social responsibility aims, increase your profile and motivate your staff.

We could come to talk to your staff about our work with children. Below are some of the ways in which we could work together.

  1. You could nominate Lollipop as your ‘Charity of the Year’ and we could develop a range of activities to involve your staff, their families, your customers and clients.
  2. Sponsoring a group of members to learn skills they would not normally get to do, such as learning to swim in a deaf-friendly environment with their deaf friends, experiencing music workshops made accessible for them or accessing a course of individual music lessons with a deaf music teacher.
  3. Your company may also like to consider sponsoring a fundraising event, or an aspect of an event. This could be anything from printing and distributing our publicity materials to providing food for a social event or paying the costs of hiring a venue, the cost of Father Christmas to attend our Christmas party or donating star prizes to our annual prize draw.


Gifts in Kind

Your company may be able to help Lollipop through the donation of office equipment or prizes for auctions, or you may have expert volunteers who might be able to work on a specific project for us – for example maintaining our IT system, doing some graphic design work for us or helping us to maintain our website.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving allows your employees to make a donation to Lollipop directly from their pre-tax salary and to receive immediate tax relief on the donation. It provides us with regular, reliable donations, allowing us to plan ahead and budget for the future.

Payroll Giving is quick and easy to set up and administer within your company. All companies must be registered with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) before they can offer payroll giving to employees. Once the payroll giving system is up and running, the PGA undertakes most of the administration. Click here for more information.

Work Experience

By offering a work experience placement for a Lollipop member your company will have the chance to diversify its workforce and our members will have the opportunity to experience work first hand, often in industries difficult for them to break into – see the Deaf Works Everywhere project run by the National Deaf Children’s Society:

Contact us to discuss any of the above! Call 07537 863927 or email