Fundraise at work

Events and challenges
Members of staff who are taking on a challenge for Lollipop can ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them.

Auction your boss
Auction your boss to raise money for Lollipop. The winner will buy their time, e.g. for an hour or a day –and give them some tasks to carry out. Should be interesting!

Have a dress down or fancy-dress day
Get everyone to donate a set amount to come to work in their casual clothes, pyjamas or even in fancy dress.

Get a counter collection box
A collection box for small change is a simple and easy way to raise funds. We’ll provide the box and all the support you need. Just give us a call on 01904 652286 or email

Donations for our Annual Prize Draw
Every year we sell tickets for an exciting Prize Draw which we hold at our Christmas event. We need some fantastic prizes to entice people to buy tickets. Can you donate a prize please?

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