Ewing Foundation Conference

This one-day event organised by the Ewing Foundation will take place at the Radisson Hotel in York on 7 June 2023, from 9.15am – 4pm. The programme includes lectures and small group sessions from professionals with expertise and experience of working in a range of areas, including:

  • Vision Impairment and deafness
  • Autistic Spectrum Condition
  • Social and Emotional Mental Health
  • Audiology – engaging deaf children and young people in clinics and assessments
  • Early Years and additional/ complex needs
  • Specialist Schools for the deaf – Changing practice for a changing cohort
  • Additional language disorders

The conference will consider how improving our awareness of these additional needs can support us to more effectively recognise and understand the individual profiles of deaf children and young people with whom we work. Sharing of practice through joint working will enable us to better plan intervention and support, and ensure best outcomes for deaf children and young people with complex or additional needs.

Tickets for this event are competitively priced at £40 each (including refreshments and lunch).

To find out more about the conference and the Ewing Foundation click here: https://ewing-foundation.org.uk/deafness-and-additional-needs-conference-7-june-2023/