Please note that as the Lollipop administration team are not in the Lollipop office every day of the week it is important that guidelines are followed when signing up to activities.

Booking procedure for activities is as follows:

  • Invitations must be read carefully for all key details.
  • Bookings must be received by the deadline through Eventbrite. Late replies will not be counted. If your booking arrives late, we will notify you of this.
  • Families will not be reminded of upcoming activities via email or text other than automated Eventbrite correspondence. Once the invitation has been sent to members, no further correspondence will be made.  We will only contact you if there are problems with your booking or limited places.

Non-attendance where a prior booking has been made:

We fully appreciate the difficulties that parents/carers have when children are ill or if there are circumstances beyond your control. However, if you sign up to an event and then cannot make it, we would be grateful if you could note the following:

  • If your child is ill, please do notify us as soon as possible so that we can offer the place to another member. Calling or texting the Lollipop mobile 07537 863927 is the most effective way of getting in touch, as the Activity Leader will have the mobile phone with them.
  • Please note that if you are emailing your apologies, this may not be picked up in advance of the event. Your email will be acknowledged as soon as it has been read.
  • If you forget to attend the event or simply change your mind and fail to notify us, this may result in delays to the trip whilst the Activity Leader attempts to contact you. You may also prevent another child from attending an event if there are limited places. We often have a waiting list for oversubscribed activities.

Please bear in mind that all trips are paid for a minimum of one week in advance to comply with booking policies. Therefore, if you fail to turn up and do not give us enough notice to offer the place to another member, Lollipop loses the money paid for your places.

The guidelines set out above are to ease the process of the booking procedure and ensures fairness and equal opportunities for all our members. Please note that this does not affect our drop-in sessions as these do not require an advanced booking.