Equal Opportunities Policy

Lollipop (York & District) charity recognises that certain groups and individuals in our society continue to experience discrimination because of their race, nationality, colour, gender, disability, marital status, sexuality, creed, religion, language, culture, age, class, political beliefs, personal circumstances or because they are HIV positive.

Lollipop (York & District) charity is strongly committed to positive action to promote diversity, challenge and eliminate discrimination and aims to incorporate equality of opportunity into all aspects of its work.

Lollipop (York & District) charity aims to:

  • Ensure that the make up of the staff team reflect the make up of the local community as far as this is possible.
  • Establish positive links with organisations or groups of people facing discrimination.
  • Ensure that premises are accessible, as far as possible, for all members of the community.
  • Increase awareness within the group of the needs of those who face discrimination in society in general.
  • Consider equal opportunities in all areas of our service and work, especially in relation to the programme of activities and recruitment of staff.
  • Consider establishing specific projects to promote equality of opportunity.

Implementation of Equal Opportunities:

  • Language or behaviour, which contravenes this Equal Opportunities Policy, will not be tolerated in the organisation and will be challenged appropriately.
  • Any information held about staff, volunteers, trustees, children, young people and their families will be treated in confidence, held in security and only used in accordance with the Confidentiality Policy. Such information will be destroyed when no longer needed.
  • Consideration will be given to equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity when purchasing equipment.
  • Information about the group and scheme should be equally accessible to all families in the local community.
  • No child or young person will be excluded from the group by reason of unfair discrimination.
  • All children and young people will be offered opportunities suitable for their needs.
  • All children and young people and adults will be listened to and their opinions respected.
  • Staff, children, young people and parents/carers should be involved with any decision making processes that will affect the work of the group.
  • All adults, children and young people involved with Lollipop (York & District) charity should be familiar with club policies and be aware of their own and others’ rights and responsibilities.