#declutteranddonate for Lollipop!




You might have heard of declutter and donate before; it is a good way to deal with items you no longer want because you earn some money for sending your books or DVDs etc. off to find a new home instead of sending them to landfill, and you benefit a charity at the same time. Clearing out old things is also a great way to make space for the new presents and toys children received at Christmas! 

This January and February 2021 we’re asking our supporters to gather up the books/DVDs/CDs and other items they no longer want and sell them, donating the money to Lollipop via Virgin Money Giving. You can sell books/DVDs and CDs a number of ways, the easiest way is to use a website like Music Magpie or Ziffit where you enter the details of the items you’d like to sell, are offered a price for them and then post the items off for free to receive the money. Once you have been paid for the items you could donate the money to Lollipop via our Virgin Money Giving page.

Click here to donate! 

Many of you may sell items on ebay or Facebook Marketplace already, could you #declutteranddonate for Lollipop in January and February and share your good deed on social media? Make sure you tag us @Lollipopyork so we can see your fundraising efforts!