Captain Tom 100 Challenge

Last weekend Lollipop’s Service Manager, Heidi Davies completed a 101 length swimathon for her Captain Tom 100 challenge!

Friday 30th April 2021 would have been Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday and the one-year anniversary of the extraordinary celebrations following the conclusion of his famous 100 laps of his garden that raised millions for the NHS. Captain Tom’s family pledged to celebrate his life with an event that everyone, in the UK and around the world, could get involved in to celebrate his generosity of spirit, the hope and joy he brought to millions, and his sense of fun. This is why the Captain Tom 100 challenge was created.

As a regular swimmer before the pandemic Heidi decided to catch up on all the swimming she had missed now that pools have reopened! There are still stricter limits on pool sessions so Heidi swam her 101 lengths over a few days at Yearsley pool. It’s a 50 yard pool (approx 45 metres) so we calculate that 101 lengths totals just over 4.6km! Heidi has raised a fantastic £140.45 for Lollipop and her fundraising page will be open for a little while longer. Thank you and well done Heidi!