Lollipop members Hannah Wray and Phoebe Rankin have set themselves a BSL challenge to raise funds for Lollipop! We are excited and proud that Hannah and Phoebe have thought to do something like this for Lollipop and we will update their story regularly, here and on our social media pages!

Hannah and Phoebe go to school together as well as attend Lollipop, and everything they have done is their own work. They have decided to set themselves the challenge of learning 250 signs between them in just 2 weeks! So far they have raised a brilliant £465, totally smashing their original £200 goal! Hannah’s mum, Helen, explained

“they chose you as the charity they wanted to support and wrote the blurb together during a play date.  They then had a 90 mins face time call to organise what signs they would like to learn together.  They have being doing this as a surprise for Miss Rose at school whose family are also members of Lollipop.  She has worked with them to support a deaf awareness activity in school. Its so exciting. They are doing really well.  We are signing every night to learn the next theme and topic! “

We love it when our members take on challenges and show us what amazing ideas and initiative they have! Well done Phoebe and Hannah, you have already far exceeded your target and your efforts mean a lot to everyone at Lollipop!

Visit Phoebe and Hannah’s fundraising page here: