Luke Christian, founder of the fashion brand ‘DEAF IDENTITY’ has been honoured at the Attitude Pride Awards 2023.

Luke was awarded one of the LGBT+ and Community Hero awards for the work he does raising deaf awareness through social media, and for his brand breaking down barriers and stigmas surrounding the deaf community.

As Luke explained in his interview with popular deaf blog, ‘The Limping Chicken’:

“When I was told I’d been nominated, I was floored and on cloud 9 for a while and then it was only at the photo and video shoot that I was told I hadn’t just been nominated, I was actually a winner too which was just so surreal! I feel honoured to have been recognised for the work I do and I hope that the award I’ve won will empower other deaf LGBTQ+ people and will open up doors for others”

You can watch his video with Attitude Magazine here:

And read more about his inspiring success here: