Our June activity was fundraising! So Lollipop can continue to provide free activities to its members we needed to concentrate on summer fundraisers in York during June and early July.

We had 4 fundraising days (St Crux on 18th June, West Bank Park Fair on 26th June, The Sleeper Market on 3rd July and a stall at the York Dragon Boat Race on 10th July) and have raised £1,306!

Our first fundraiser was at St Crux Hall, it was a busy day where we ran the cafe and stalls outside!

Next was West Bank Park Fair and the Sleeper Market in New Earswick!

For the last weekend of Summer fundraising we were at the Dragon Boat Race and watched all the fun on the river from a shady spot on the bank (it was a super hot day!) We created lots of glitter tattoos and passers-by had a good time with our mini funfair games whilst finding out about Lollipop and what we do!