I Can Play Gamelan! 

Our music workshops are always superb fun and this one was no exception! Sound of Bronze and the fantastic leaders from the I Can Play! project ran the sessions at the National Centre for Early Music.

The National Centre for Early Music, Sound of Bronze, Lollipop and Music and the Deaf brought together this exciting opportunity to explore gamelan: a kind of music from Indonesia, played on beautiful bronze percussion instruments, by a team of people working together. We met York’s very own Gamelan set (called ‘Sekar Petak’ or ‘White Flower’ in honour of the Yorkshire Rose) which is looked after by the University of York.

This was a very popular activity and so we ran two workshops! Members explored all the different instruments, played hide and seek (playing louder the closer the seeker got to the object to be found!) and took it in turns to be the conductor by making up their own signs or movements for ‘start’, ‘stop, ‘louder’, ‘quieter’, ‘slow’ and ‘fast’. There was a short performance by the Sound of Bronze leaders and an opportunity at the end for parents to get involved.

Video 1: Sound of Bronze

Video 2: Gamelan Workshop

This workshop was generously funded by the Norman Collinson Charitable Foundation.