At the Special AGM in March members agreed for Lollipop to become affiliated with the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

We know that partnership working, especially in the current climate, works well and we will continue to do this with the partners we already work with. Trustees have been aware for some time that Lollipop and the NDCS have similar aims and we are happy that we can now develop a more formal partnership with them.

In practice this means that Lollipop continues as a charity in its own right but has additional support from a larger national organisation. We have agreed to support the NDCS mission and work towards a shared set of values.

We hope that those of you who are not members of NDCS will consider joining as they provide lots of interesting and useful information for deaf children, young people and families. Check them out at:

Our shared values

Families – ‘We help families give the best possible support to their deaf child every step of the way. We also agree to respect choices parents and carers make about their child’s education, language, communication and use of technology and to welcome all families with deaf children whatever choices they have made, recognising that different approaches suit different children and that there is not a single approach which suits everyone.’

Children – ‘Deaf children and young people are at the heart of our work. We make sure their needs come first, and we help others do the same’.

Choice – ‘We give expert unbiased support to help deaf children and their parents make informed choices about their lives’.

Challenge – ‘We work together with others to positively challenge unfairness.’ 

In addition, Lollipop will continue to support CODA children (Children of Deaf Adults) and their families, something that NDCS doesn’t do.

‘Together we will overcome the social and educational barriers that hold deaf children back’

Ways to get involved

The NDCS asks that we are committed to empowering and involving service users in all our work, something we have tried hard to do at Lollipop.

Examples of how you might help include:

  • becoming a volunteer to help run events
  • becoming a trustee
  • being a deaf mentor, role model or befriender
  • being part of our fundraising or activities teams
  • holding a fundraising event
  • helping us with evaluations and feedback

If you would like to get more involved please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you and appreciate your continued support.

Penny McDonald, on behalf of the Trustees