We are proud to announce we are working with York Mind’s systems change team, a new and innovative mental health service for young people. You can find Lollipop in the ‘Support and Services’ category under ‘Activities and Safe Spaces’: https://www.yormind.org.uk/support-services/activities-safe-spaces/

Yormind was created from a research project that included GP’s in the City, youth workers, health professionals and the young people of York saying that they didn’t know where or how to get support with their mental health in the city. As a result, these people have helped to develop a very honest resource that talks young people through their options.

The Yormind website delivers:
· Mental health services in York, with details of their referral processes and their waiting times
· Crisis support
· Information about a range of mental health conditions
· A range of self-help and harm reduction techniques
· How to help a friend
· Misconceptions
· FAQ’s
· Safe spaces in the City and more.

Yormind is also home to very popular mental health podcast, Chat Chit! The podcast interviews young people from York about their mental health and aims to demystify accessing services as well as
showcasing how you can help yourself.

Check out the Yormind website:
Listen to the ChatChit podcasts: