Laura Walker

Laura joined Lollipop as Chair in July 2021 but was involved with Lollipop for a number of years years before that, most recently as an Activity Leader. She has two teenage children and her eldest daughter has cerebral palsy and uses an iPhone as a communication aid. It was due to this difficultly that Laura first learned to sign and she now has BSL levels 1 and 2, with level 3 in progress!

Laura has supported deaf children and children with other disabilities in schools: working in children’s centres doing baby signing classes, and as a Communication Support Worker (CSW) for a deaf child in a mainstream school for five years. She has always enjoyed working with children with a range of special needs. She has 16 years’ experience as a former trustee for a charity in Ryedale called ‘Ryedale Special Families’ where she helped fundraise and gained knowledge of what the role of being a trustee involves.

Her other interests include being with her family, going on holidays, walking her puppy and studying for a level 3 course in Counselling at York College.