In our previous posts (here and here) we told you about Lollipop parent Luke Zwalf and his fundraising plans to compete in IronMan Wales in September and to organise a cycling event at York College where he is the Head of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Luke’s daughter, Freya, has been a member of Lollipop since she was 4 months old, and she’s now 15! We visited the college this week to catch up with Luke while he spent the day on a static bike in the entrance hall, with colleagues joining him throughout the day.

Luke’s day started at 8.30am and he got off to a great start; by the time we arrived at 9.30 he had already clocked up 20 miles! The aim for the day was to cycle 112 miles, which is the length of an IronMan cycle course, but it was clear that he was going to exceed this target early on. He decided to keep going, no matter how many miles he had cycled, until 4pm.

Luke was joined by colleagues who had signed-up for 15 or 30 minute sessions and he had someone cycling with him throughout the whole day. Staff and students stopped by to chat and to donate, and Luke did an amazing job of keeping going when the bike was no longer a comfortable place to be!

Thank you Luke! 

Luke is still to complete the IronMan competition  Рsponsor him here!