There is so much to do at The Web – explore Buggington, the role play village, with a vets, shop, DIY store and cottage, many huge slides and exciting climbs.

The Web Adventure Park

An hour of play was followed by food, and then of course there was more play! Having food together meant that parents could have a chance to talk, which is something parents of members have told us they value a lot.

After food, two members aged 2 and 4 were sitting around the table. The mum of the younger girl was showing the older girl her daughter’s hearing aid (which had a duck on it) saying that her daughter wouldn’t wear it. The older girl then showed the younger girl her hearing aids which led to the younger girl wanting to wear hers too. It was a really special moment! The mum of the younger girl  said ‘we love being a member and part of this very special community’. Another parent commented that her daughter could ‘be herself’ at our activities.

Here are some photos of the day!