A fabulous Christmas party online !

While we all know it is not possible to meet in person right now, we did not let that stop us planning a marvellous online Christmas party for our members on Saturday 12 December. Members were invited to attend an exciting programme of events and activities which didn’t disappoint!

Members enjoyed seeing each other online and showing us their Christmas jumpers, ties and hats! The children had Christmas elves and told us what mischief they had been up to in the run-up to Christmas (the elves, not the children!).

We signed along with Silent Night, made origami Christmas trees (challenging!) and were entertained by the Amazing Stephen magician who put on a fantastic show for us. Last but not least we were treated to a message from Father Christmas himself!!!

Thank you to all the families who came along, it was great to see you all and a lot of fun to see you enjoy the party!