Earlier this year, we were contacted by a ‘Deaf Yorkshire Mum’ seeking feedback on her new blog about her experiences as a person growing up with and living with deafness. Whether you’re a young person struggling with deafness or a parent of a deaf young person, we hope you find Holly’s honest and personal insights as helpful and interesting as we do!

“Hello everyone! I’m Holly, a 25 year old photographer from York and I am a bilateral hearing aid user with moderate/severe deafness. I have been going deaf since I was age 14 and have only just (in the last two years) begun to accept my hearing loss and feel confident wearing hearing aids out in public. I have decided to start a blog to write about my experiences and my journey into what I now class as ‘my deaf world’ in the hope others can relate and find some comfort knowing they are not alone in what can feel like a very isolating world.”

Blog posts to date

1. My Deafening World

2. “You don’t look deaf”

3. To hear or not to hear…

We will signpost Holly’s new posts via our newsletter, blog and social media but if you would like to read them ‘hot of the press’, why not follow her at: https://deafyorkshiremum.uk/